Kerala Backwaters Kerala Backwaters
Kerala Backwaters Kerala Backwaters

About Kerala

Kerala(Keralam) is a beautiful state in South India, which occupies a narrow strip of India's southwestern coast. The state of Kerala is known majorly for having the most literate rate state in India, with a literacy rate greater than 90%.

Kerala History

The legend is that the land of Kerala was given to the Keralites by Parusurama, who was the avatar of Mahavishnu and claimed the land by throwing his axe into the ocean.As per evidences, people have lived in the region since ancient times. The famous Sanskrit epic Aitareya Aranyaka has the earliest specific mention of Kerala in historical records. Katyayana and Patanjali (show their acquaintance with the geography of Kerala. Kerala is also a pefect mixtures of all the major religions, with Hindus, Muslims and Christians being prominent among them. About 60 percent of population is Hindus, 20 percent is Christians and 20 percent is Muslims.

Kerala was formed in the year 1956 from portions of the former Travancore-Cochin state and the former Madras state. The capital of Kerala is Trivandrum Malayalam is the official language. The literacy rate of men is 93.62% and women is 86.17%. Kerala comprises of 14 districts, each of which has different culture and history.

Today Kerala has become one of the hottest tourist destinations in Kerala. Kerala has a lot to offer for the tourist who come here to get a glimpse of Kerala. It has it coastal areas, beaches, backwaters, hill stations and other natural beauties.Kerala occupies an area of 38,863 square kilometer and is surrounded by Karnataka in the northern part, Tamilnadu in the Eastern part and Arabian Sea in the South-western part. The average temperature in various parts of Kerala is between 22° C and 33° C. Rain fall is maximum during monsoon season and the annual rainfall is about 3000mm.

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