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Destination Kerala
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Destination Kerala

Kerala is one of the most beautiful and mind-bogging states in south India. The name Kerala brings into our minds the green and lush fields and trees, dense evergreen forest and the never ending stretch of backwaters. Today Kerala is regarded as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Kerala has a lot of interesting things to offer for its tourists and the number of tourists visiting Kerala is on a rapid rise. Kerala has a unique and varied culture with a strong traditional value and this is also another factor that attracts travellers. There are different types of travel destinations and attractions in Kerala that cannot be seen in other part of the world. The climatic conditions in Kerala is also very moderate and travellers from different countries do not find it hard to adjust with the climate in Kerala.

Kerala is well known for its natural beauty and resource, and has got many natural gifts that attracts tourist to this small and beautiful state in South India. The climate in Kerala is far better than any other Indian states and this adds to it tourism values. This site tells about some of the important information that will be useful while on a tour to Kerala. The site provides information on the major tourist destinations in Kerala. It also gives information on various tourist destinations like Kerala hill stations, Temples in Kerala, Churches in Kerala and other hot spots in Kerala. So I welcome all of you to go through this small site to have an overall outlook of the beautiful state of Kerala

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